About Frequentiel

Frequentiel - Intégrateur expert en traçabilité

Industry Leader for Over 10 Years

Frequentiel is Europe’s leading RFID software and services company. Frequentiel is also a leading provider of mobile solutions for manufacturing, warehousing, transport, and logistics. Our software platform, expert team, and hardware services enable businesses in all industries to reinvent themselves around item-level insight, with speed and peace of mind.

Frequentiel - Intégrateur expert en traçabilité

Our Story

Frequentiel was founded in 2007 by a team of passionate experts working at the intersection of software publishing, electronics manufacturing, and logistics.

For over ten years, we’ve had the driving ambition to give companies the inventory superpowers they needed to be more efficient, more agile, and invent new customer experiences.

Executive Team

David Rocher

Co-Founder and Chief Operating Officer

David Rocher serves as Chief Operating Officer of Frequentiel. He is a tireless evangelist of the transformational benefits of RFID technology. David is an expert in large-scale ERP deployments and in project management. He takes a hands-on approach to making sure each and every Frequentiel customer engagement is a success. He is a co-creator of the OCTO+ platform.

Eric Quivy

Chief Technical Officer

Eric Quivy drives the product roadmap and development efforts for the OCTO+ platform. Eric is in the unique position of having both served as the CIO of a major multichannel fashion apparel retailer and having led product development efforts at a global software vendor specialized in retail systems.

Jean-Baptiste Hochart

Business Development Manager, Retail

Jean-Baptiste Hochart leads sales and business development of OCTO+ in the retail sector. Having grown up in the heart of the French retail industry in northern France in Lille, he is passionate about the challenges of the ongoing omnichannel retail revolution.

Philippe Gebel de Gebhardt


Philippe Gebel de Gebhardt is CEO and CTO of Frequentiel. Philippe’s overarching concern is making a success of each customer engagement. He still loves getting actively involved in IT solutions architecture and also plays a strong role in guiding the OCTO+ roadmap.

Didier-Mikys Nicolaou

VP Sales, Hardware Services

Didier Mikys Nicolaou leads the Frequentiel Hardware Services business unit. Didier brings a career’s worth of expertise in tracking, networking and mobility solutions to his job at Frequentiel. He has strong expertise of supply chain matters, gained in multiple industries, including retail.