Frequentiel OCTO+

RFID Software Designed for Selling Everything, Everywhere

Frequentiel OCTO+ is a best-in-class RFID software platform designed to enable retailers to create the needed item-level inventory foundation for their transition to unified retail. For over 10 years, it has enabled leading retailers to gain inventory superpowers and Sell Everything, Everywhere.

  • Capture, consolidate, and distribute millions of item-level data points.
  • Based on EPC standards, designed to scale.
  • Designed to integrate seamlessly within your IT environment.
  • Streamline routine tasks and enable your staff to focus on the customer.
Frequentiel - Intégrateur expert en traçabilité
Frequentiel - Intégrateur expert en traçabilité

Save Every Sale with OCTO+

A 360°, real-time view of inventory tracks every item so you know that every article is where it should be — whether it’s on order, in the storeroom or on the retail floor.
From now on, you will never lose a sale.

  • Avoid stockouts.
  • Ensure planogram and merchandising compliance.
  • Receive discrepancy alerts.
  • Reorder automatically.

Delight Customers, Everywhere

You now have the power to bridge digital and in-store shopping experiences.

Now you can:

  • Gain the inventory superpowers you need to sell everything, everywhere.
  • Free staff to focus on the customer.
  • Enjoy point-and-shoot simplicity.

Gain Insight, Everywhere

Universal inventory with item-level tracking creates new data on product movement and shopper behaviors.

Now you can:

  • Rapidly stock up on new best seller products.
  • Optimize merchandising and assortment.
  • Optimize staff inventory handling.
  • Collect fitting room and POS analytics.
Frequentiel - Intégrateur expert en traçabilité
Frequentiel - Intégrateur expert en traçabilité

Stocktaking with a Wave of the Hand

RFID performs inventory 100 times faster than barcodes, covering all of your
stock as opposed to periodic or cycle counts. No more closing the store seasonally
or twice a year for physical inventory.

  • Faster, less labor intensive.
  • More accurate data.
  • Real-time tracking.
  • No more need to disturb merchandising or even close the store.
Frequentiel - Intégrateur expert en traçabilité

Smart Scanning Apps

OCTO+ inventory apps memorize items that they have scanned before. This means you can scan articles without having to physically isolate them from surrounding ones.

  • Perform “needle-in-the-haystack” searches to locate misplaced items.
  • Automatically identify stock-count discrepancies.
  • Work even without network connectivity.
  • Utilize a broad range of devices.
  • Exception-based scanning and goods receiving processes.
Frequentiel - Intégrateur expert en traçabilité

Improve Loss Prevention

Avoiding shrinkage due to human error, loss, or theft has never been easier. RFID tagging automatically lets you:

  • Make anti-theft tagging systematic.
  • Make loss-prevention proactive.
  • Effectively combat other forms of shrinkage.
  • Compatible with EAS and loss-prevention solutions.

Did you know?

  • OCTO+ customers report over 98% inventory accuracy.

Standard-based, built to scale, and designed around your current IT systems, OCTO+ launches your business into the future.

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