Frequentiel Hardware Services

We handle hardware complexity
so you don't have to.

Track-and-trace, inventory, and mobility applications are hardware intensive, fast-evolving domains. Frequentiel can take care of all hardware and network complexity for you.

We maintain relationships with a broad range of manufacturers and can source, support, finance and also rent the right hardware for your specific needs.

Choice of Best-in-Class Hardware

We currently support over 2,000 sites in production and over 20,000 readers and terminals in use. Hardware we implement include:

  • Mobile terminals (PDAs) and tablets
  • Scanning guns, alphanumeric devices
  • Mobile carts (stands, workstations)
  • Portals
  • Mechanized tunnels (conveyor belt systems)
  • Routers, access points, antennas
  • Overhead sensors
  • In-warehouse location systems
  • Retail rack, shelves
  • Palletized applications (on-wood applications)
  • Shipping containers (active, all weather, on-metal applications)

We can also help you select the right consumables for your project (paper-based tag, plastic, hardened tag, etc.)

Frequentiel - Intégrateur expert en traçabilité
Frequentiel - Intégrateur expert en traçabilité

Turnkey Hardware Management

We offer fleet management, technical support and after-sales services.

  • User training and change management.
  • User provisioning, remote hardware configuration, and supervision.
  • Remote and on-site support.
  • Auditing and upgrade planning.
Frequentiel - Intégrateur expert en traçabilité

Flexible Financing Plans

Frequentiel also provides flexible purchase and leasing plans.

  • Choice of specialist financial partners.
  • Cost effective upgrade and part-exchange plans.
  • Availability of both new and refurbished equipment.
  • Transparent maintenance and repair costs.
Frequentiel - Intégrateur expert en traçabilité

Equipment Rental

We offer a wide range of equipment on a rental basis.

  • Own what you need daily, rent what you need during peak activity periods.
  • Test new material before purchasing.
  • Short and long-term rental plans.
  • Broad selection of RFID and barcode terminals.

Our hardware and infrastructure partners include: