Frequentiel Solutions
for Quick Service Restaurants

Provide an Outstanding Dining
Experience with Table Service

Quick service restaurant owners are always looking for ways to provide an outstanding customer experience. Long waits in line to order, servers trying to locate the right tables, cooks losing time in the kitchen correcting orders — these are just some of the typical challenges every quick service restaurant faces.

Frequentiel offers a complete solution to enable restaurant owners to rapidly provide table service through remote RFID table location.

RFID Locates Customers in Real Time

The Frequentiel RFID-based table service solution gives your customers the following dining experience:

  1. Upon entering, customer places order at self-service kiosk.
  2. Customer then receives an RFID card or table tent.
  3. In the kitchen, employees receive and prepare the order.
  4. The customer sits down with their card on the table.
  5. Behind the counter, the employees’ screen displays the customer’s location.
  6. Employee easily locates customer, delivers order and retrieves the RFID card or table tent.
Frequentiel - Intégrateur expert en traçabilité

Immediate ROI

Frequentiel - Intégrateur expert en traçabilité

Restaurant owners

  • Restaurant owners are able to serve more customers and pay closer attention to customer needs.
Frequentiel - Intégrateur expert en traçabilité


  • Employees save time by quickly and easily identifying seated customers.
  • Employees are less stressed and less prone to errors.
Frequentiel - Intégrateur expert en traçabilité


  • Customers save time by not waiting in line to receive their orders.
  • Customers are comfortably seated while they wait, reducing stress and boosting their satisfaction.
Frequentiel - Intégrateur expert en traçabilité

Fast Implementation

Our experienced team studies a restaurant’s layout, operations and technical issues to present a customized proposal for an innovative RFID table service solution. Frequentiel can install the entire solution within one business day — all without closing the restaurant down for business. There is no need for restaurants to upgrade their current software.