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McDonald's Provides Table Service in France

Global restaurant chain offers whole new dining experience with Frequentiel's innovative RFID solution

"Frequentiel’s RFID solution enables us to reinvent table service and improve customer experience in our restaurants."

— Eric Sadier, Director of Operations at McDonald's France

Key facts

  • Major time-savings with instant, geolocalized customer seating
  • RFID solution installed in less than 24 hours
  • Frequentiel RFID solution in use at 150 McDonald's restaurants in France


  • Enhance table service.
  • Save time for employees.

Frequentiel Solution

  • OCTO+ item-level RFID software platform.
  • Expert software integration and RFID professional services.
  • Impinj terminals and Tageos RFID labels.


  • Precise customer location data.
  • Quicker table service.
  • Better customer and employee satisfaction.

Improving Ordering and Table Service

Starting in 2011, McDonald’s France started rolling out the first generation of an innovative new table service where customers are served directly at their table. In this first generation system, customers would simply order their meal on an interactive terminal, indicate the area of ​​the restaurant where they would be sitting, and an employee would bring their meal.

In 2015, with the aim of improving customer satisfaction, McDonald’s France called on Frequentiel to optimize this service with RFID technology. Frequentiel, in partnership with Impinj, an RFID reader manufacturer, and Tageos, an RFID label supplier, offered McDonald’s an innovative and efficient solution to enhance the first generation system.

An Innovative and Time-Saving Solution

The new system provided by Frequentiel and its partners makes it easier to identify the customer in the restaurant by geo-localizing them. The customer places their order at an interactive terminal, but instead of indicating their seating area on the kiosk, they receive a scanned RFID card with their order and then take this card to their chosen seating area.

When the order is ready, the team member identifies the customer’s location on the touch screen in the kitchen. Table geolocation is made possible by RFID antennas placed on the restaurant’s ceiling that detect the customer’s RFID card. Frequentiel’s OCTO+ software collects data sent by RFID readers and locates the customer’s location and displays this information on the screen. Thus, employees can swiftly serve customers and save time.

The solution is quick and easy to install — in less than one day and without impacting the restaurant’s operations.

Facilitating Work and Enhancing Customer Experience

The RFID solution facilitates the day-to-day work of restaurant staff, especially during peak periods.

“It even works if the customer is seated outside on the terrace,” explains Aurélien Bailly, Project Manager at Frequentiel.

“We were impressed by the immediate benefits of the RFID solution provided by Frequentiel and its partners Impinj and Tageos,” adds Eric Sadier, Director of Operations McDonald’s France. “It enables us to reinvent table service and improve customer experience in our restaurants.”

The RFID solution is already being used by more than 150 McDonald’s restaurants in France.