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Frequentiel - Intégrateur expert en traçabilité

Bastide Group Turns to Frequentiel to Track All Products at Item Level

Medical equipment retailer leverages Frequentiels' RFID solution to gain unprecedented stock visibility, tracking and accuracy

"Frequentiel provides us with absolute visibility into our inventory. We can guarantee the quality of our products and meet stringent safety and legal requirements."

— Alexandre Bouix, RFID Operations Manager at Bastide Group

Key facts

  • Over 100 stores and an ecommerce website
  • More than 40 years of experience
  • Need to adhere to strict tracking regulations


  • Obtain accurate inventory data.
  • Comply with safety and tracking legal requirements.
  • Increase operational efficiency.

Frequentiel Solution

  • OCTO+ item-level RFID software platform.
  • OCTO+ mobile apps for employees to improve daily tasks.
  • Expert software integration and RFID professional services.
  • Device and fixed hardware management services.


  • Precise inventory data.
  • Complete visibility and accountability for all products.
  • Employees have more time to focus on tasks that add value to the business.
  • Better customer service.

Bastide Group specializes in medical equipment sales and rentals and the provision of home healthcare services. The company operates an integrated network, including an ecommerce website and over 100 physical stores. For over 40 years, Bastide Group has continuously worked to improve its services to best meet customer demands.

A Fundamental Need for Stock Visibility, Tracking and Accuracy

Healthcare is a highly regulated sector where patient safety is paramount. Bastide Group must have full visibility and tracking of all the medicals products that it sells and rents. Previously, Bastide Group performed stock-related tasks manually, which was not only massively time-consuming, but also risked discrepancies between theoretical and physical stock, as well as lost or misplaced inventory.

“We needed to make our stock control procedures more reliable and efficient, and improve tracking,” says Alexandre Bouix, RFID Operations Manager at Bastide Group. “This was not only essential with regards to safety and legal reasons, but also critical for company growth. We required a streamlined and standardized process to ensure accurate tracking of all our products at item level.”

Accurate and Optimized Asset Tracking and Operational Efficiency

Given the sensitive nature of the healthcare sector, Bastide Group has strict security requirements when working with third-party providers. Frequentiel was able to meet these requirements and understand the company’s industry-specific inventory challenges. Frequentiel’s RFID solution enables Bastide Group to streamline and optimize all inventory procedures.

“Thanks to Frequentiel we have greater visibility and accuracy with regards to our inventory,” says Bouix. “The time our employees save, thanks to RFID, is used to further improve the quality of our service, such as by spending more time with the customer. All of it translates into better customer care and experience. Frequentiel also provides us with absolute traçability of all our products, meaning we can guarantee the quality of our products and meet safety and legal requirements. Our relationship with Frequentiel is direct, sincere and professional. They were able to adapt to our structure, are always on hand for support and their technology worked immediately.”