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Meliconi Streamlines Logistic Processes with Frequentiel

Audio and video product distributor boosts order preparation productivity by up to 20%

"We are able to manage 10 to 20% more orders on a daily basis and know at any time the exact location of a range of products. We have also been able to optimize our delivery times and provide better customer service."

— Fabrice Scollo, Managing Director at Meliconi

Key facts

  • Logistics system combines voice and barcode picking
  • Project live within 6 months
  • 10 to 20% more orders managed on a daily basis


  • Optimize order preparation.
  • Autonomously manage the reception and dispatching of equipment.
  • Obtain real-time visibility on inventory levels.

Frequentiel Solution

  • OCTO+ item-level RFID software platform.
  • Employee facing apps to streamline routine tasks.
  • Expert professional services.
  • Device and fixed hardware management services.


  • Increased productivity.
  • Enhanced employee satisfaction.
  • Improved delivery times, better customer service.

Based in southern France, Meliconi specializes in the distribution of television peripherals and accessories. The company is fully autonomous in terms of logistics and manages the entire flow of its products.

Meliconi entrusted Frequentiel to deploy a powerful solution to streamline its logistic processes. The solution’s goal was to enable Meliconi’s employees to autonomously manage the receiving and dispatching of equipment, and to optimize order preparation. The complete system had to interface directly with its Sage X3 software.

In order to meet Meliconi’s requirements, Frequentiel proposed a multimodal solution combining technologies — vocal technology to optimize order preparation (voice picking) and a barcode reader to scan incoming and outgoing goods. The project required the reorganization of Meliconi’s entire internal logistics circuit and the creation of dedicated storage and picking areas.

Up and Running within Six Months

“The system was immediately very well received by the operators,” says Fabrice Scollo, Managing Director of Meliconi. “The speed of execution and the reliability of the complete system allowed us to be much more responsive. Our employees appreciate the total autonomy provided by this solution. Thanks to voice picking and Inotec tags, they are able to fully manage all their activities without ever needing to call on outside help.”

“The contract was signed with Frequentiel in December 2011 and the global solution was developed in less than six months so that we could be operational as of September,” adds Scollo. “Frequentiel was quite available and attentive to our requirements and enrolled the right partners to successfully carry out this project.”

From Paper Orders to Voice Preparation

Previously, orders were managed through a paper document. Meliconi had to manually enter this information, then edit the order form and issue the shipping slip. These operations took a considerable amount of time.

In practice, the voice picking system works as follows: The order pickers, equipped with the mobile terminal and a headset, receive and confirm the commands vocally.

“The voice picking system we have put in place is really effective. It allows us to manage 10 to 20% more orders on a daily basis,” says Scollo.

The Inotec label key codes are placed on the preparation sites to help avoid errors. The order picker must confirm that they are in the correct location using this 3-digit code. Thanks to the anti-adhesion coating that covers the Inotec label, it can be moved regularly in the warehouse to avoid the order picker memorizing the code. In case of error, the system requests an immediate correction. Once the order is completed, the order picker validates the weight of the order and edits the delivery note and packing slip.

“This new management allows our order pickers to significantly reduce the processing time of their orders,” says Scollo. “They are completely autonomous thanks to the picking system that incorporates the Inotec technology and reduces the risk of error. In addition, the system also allows them to manage the level of consumables — cartons and pallets available in the warehouse.”