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Orchestra Never Misses a Sale with Frequentiel

Children's clothing company aligns virtual and physical stock to meet customer demand both on and offline

"Orchestra now has accurate real-time data on its in-store stock to support its on-and-offline sales initiatives. Sales opportunities are not missed, which translates to a bigger top line."

— Virginie Llorca, Director of Supply Chain and Organization at Orchestra

Key facts

  • 560 stores worldwide
  • More than 3,500 models
  • 100 new models adds to stores every week


  • Collect precise inventory data.
  • Reduce tedious and time-consuming employee tasks.

Frequentiel Solution

  • OCTO+ software platform.
  • Employee facing apps to streamline routine tasks.
  • Expert retail and software integration services.
  • Device and fixed hardware management services.


  • Accurate, real-time stock management.
  • No more missed sales.
  • Employees have more time to focus on improving customers’ in-store experience and to drive sales.

Orchestra has been fusing fashion and practicality in the baby and children’s clothing sector since 1995. The brand manages 560 stores worldwide, and also offers its full product line via ecommerce sites in all countries in which it operates. The brand offers more than 3,500 models of clothing, shoes, and accessories for every season. More than 100 new models are added to stores every week.

Proposing the Right Product at the Right Time

Customer satisfaction surveys alerted Orchestra to the fact that customers were frustrated that they could not always find the right size. The infant clothing market is primarily driven by necessity, as opposed to desire. Babies and infants grow quickly and need new clothes regularly. If a store cannot provide the right product at the right moment, the customer will not wait and look elsewhere.

Previously, the company manually recorded incoming store merchandise on a computer, a laborious and time-consuming task. In some instances, the incoming stock was not even checked. This led to large discrepancies in virtual and physical stock on their system. Therefore, operational staff did not have access to accurate stock data to meet customer needs, which ultimately translated to frustration and missed sales. In order to avoid this, the company needed to ensure that their virtual stock was aligned with their physical stock. This accurate inventory data would also support Orchestra’s omnichannel initiatives: click-and-collect and e-reservation.

Orchestra decided to implement Frequentiel’s OCTO+ software platform in its stores to achieve a detailed granular view of inventory, with minimum time and effort. Through accurately recording all inventory data across the physical retail stores, Orchestra was able to streamline all its routine stock operations, and arm its sales teams with precise inventory statistics to satisfy customers both on and offline. The company can also verify that the warehouse is sending the right merchandise to the right store.

The accurate data provided by Frequentiel also supports Orchestra’s popular “Baby List” application. Parents-to-be create an account and select their closest store. They then select items and share the list with their friends and family who can add money to their account. The expecting parent can then pick up their gifts in store.

Satisfied Customers and Employees

The technology is quick and easy for operational teams to use. It is so intuitive that it can be mastered within minutes, with no formal training required. Employees can now focus on boosting customers’ in-store experience and drive sales.

“Thanks to Frequentiel’s software platform, Orchestra has accurate real-time data on its in-store stock to support its on-and-offline sales initiatives,” says Virginie Llorca, Director of Supply Chain and Organization at Orchestra. “Reordering is optimized and sales opportunities are not missed, which translates to a bigger top line.”