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Spartoo Counts on Frequentiel to Increase Customer Satisfaction

Leading European shoe retailer relies on Frequentiel's RFID software platform to create a next-generation fulfillment center that eliminates shipping errors and achieves record delivery times

"Thanks to Frequentiel, we have greatly increased warehouse productivity – including how quickly we can dispatch orders while significantly lowering shipping errors. It all translates into higher customer satisfaction."

— Eric Moussier, IT Manager at Toolog

Key facts

  • Serving customers in 25 countries across Europe
  • 300,000 references on website
  • requentiel’s OCTO+ software platform is at the center of a 30,000m2 warehouse


  • Eliminate order errors.
  • Increase productivity in the warehouse.

Frequentiel Solution

  • OCTO+ item-level RFID software platform.
  • Employee facing apps to streamline routine tasks.
  • Expert retail, software integration and RFID professional services.
  • Device and fixed hardware management services.


  • Complete visibility on merchandise.
  • Items shipped to customers in record time.
  • Increased customer satisfaction.

Created in 2009, Spartoo is an international pure play ecommerce retailer specializing in footwear, bags and apparel. Available in over 25 countries across Europe, the company carries almost 3,500 brands and 300,000 references on its website, which receives more than 14 million unique visitors per month.

Logistics is the Key to Sales

Efficient and accurate logistical operations are critical to Spartoo’s business. Customers today are increasingly impatient, expecting a fast and frictionless shopping experience. Spartoo must deliver the right product to the right customer in the shortest possible time in order to ensure satisfaction and drive loyalty. Inability to master stock or swiftly serve the customer will drive business into the arms of competitors.

A State-of-the-Art Warehouse to Better Serve Customers

The company’s fully owned subsidiary, Toolog, manages logistics and order fulfillment. In 2015, acutely aware of the importance of stock accuracy, Spartoo tasked Toolog with creating a next-generation fulfillment center to maximize operational efficiency. A key prerequisite for the new warehouse, which covers over 30,000 square meters, was Frequentiel’s RFID solution.

“We had previously experienced errors with order preparation, and management of our stock wasn’t optimized,” explains Eric Moussier, IT Manager at Toolog. “We wanted to implement a solution to combat these issues and improve productivity. We had already seen the success of RFID technology in another retailer’s warehouse and were very keen to incorporate it in ours.”

Complete Merchandise Visibility, Record Shipping Times

With Frequentiel, Spartoo was able to implement an RFID tunnel system, which automatically and continuously reads RFID tags, even when items are in close proximity to other goods on the conveyor line. Now, Spartoo always knows the location of its merchandise. Furthermore, employees are able to verify the contents of a box without even opening it. In the shoe ecommerce business, clients are not satisfied unless they receive the precise color and size they ordered. Order verification is the key to customer satisfaction. Spartoo can now ensure their customers receive exactly what they ordered, which also minimizes costly returns.

Frequentiel’s technology also enables Spartoo’s teams to be more efficient in preparing orders, meaning that goods can be shipped in record time, further enhancing customer satisfaction.

“Thanks to Frequentiel, we have greatly increased warehouse productivity — including how quickly we can dispatch orders while significantly lowering shipping errors,” says Moussier. “It all translates into higher customer satisfaction. The technology was easy to get to grips with, user-friendly and even fun for our employees to use. Frequentiel was able to propose solutions suited to our needs and are always responsive and at our service.”